Understanding Fetilizer Injection

Thanks to people like you who understand the benefits of fertigation, Add-It® is the most popular proportioning fertilizer Fertilizer Caddyinjector of its type on the market today! With the advent of drip irrigation, how do you fertilize the plant material? Amid the continuing concern over water shortages, many commercial growers, landscape contractors and homeowners are either initially installing, or converting to, drip irrigation. However, this change poses yet another dilemma. If utilizing a drip irrigation system in order to conserve water, as well as save time and money, no longer can you broadcast dry granular fertilizer onto the surface of the soil and expect it to be leached in by overhead watering, where the plants roots can pick-up the nutrients. Therefore, the fertilizer must be dispensed directly through the drip irrigation system. The concept of fertilizing through the irrigation system is known as fertigation.

Fertilizer CaddyAdd-It® and Fertilizer Caddy® proportioning fertilizer injectors make fertilizing not only easy, but economical and efficient as well! The fertilizer being delivered through the drip irrigation system is at a constant rate from start to finish, unlike other injectors on the market today! They also accept any totally water-soluble fertilizer on the market today, like Scotts Miracle-Gro® and Peters Professional®, when premixed with water. In addition, a wetting agent can be dispensed to breakup compacted soils, compost tea to increase micro-organisms in the soil, micro-nutrients and Vitamin Institute’s SUPERthrive™ containing vitamins and hormones for more vigorous, healthier plants, and vitamin B-1 when transplanting trees and shrubs. Add-It® and Fertilizer Caddy® fertilizer injectors can be installed before a manifold of valves, under full line constant pressure up to 80 PSI, or can be installed after a single control valve. The Fertilizer Caddy®, when equipped with hose threads, can also be used as a portable unit and moved throughout the yard, making it even more versatile! They can also be used as a foliar feeder for applying fertilizer directly the plant’s leaves. When used as in this manner fertilizer can be absorbed very quickly.Fertilizer CaddyFertilizer Caddy

The Drip Irrigation System Header® consists of a vacuum breaker, fertilizer injector, filter, pressure regulator & PVC adaptor fittings, and attaches to a hose bib & garden valve or, a ¾” anti-siphon valve, making installing a new drip irrigation system, or retrofitting an existing drip irrigation system, both quick and easy! It’s also great for porous pipe or a hose-end hand-held spray or sprinkler.

Plants absorb fertilizer more efficiently when it's in liquid form. Why? Because liquid fertilizers not only work faster than dry pellets or granules, they also move through the soil and are more readily available for absorption by your plants. Therefore less fertilizer is used, making it more environmentally friendly! Over many years, tests have concluded that applying liquid fertilizer on a regular basis is much more beneficial to a plant than being fed infrequently with a dry, granular form of fertilizer. Liquid fertilizer is absorbed far more easily by a plants root system, and there are no leftover residues or minerals that can, over a period of prolonged use, damage a plant or lawn. A fertilizer injector is an essential part of any drip irrigation system, as are a filter and pressure regulator. Fertigation....the easy, efficient and economical way to fertilize as you irrigate! For additional information please visit http://www.fertilizerdispensers.com.